What Monday looked like….

I woke up to my wife prodding at the top of my head. I asked what was wrong, she nothing, just didn’t realize how much grey hair was sprouting out…

Later in the day, I asked her if she wanted to watch a movie tonight? She said yes, there’s a new documentary on Teflon…

A little bit later, after dinner, my wife was craving dessert but realized the ice cream was gone. I offered to run to the store, however she replied she didn’t want me going out in the middle of the night…

And even later, while flipping through the TV channels, we came across my favorite preacher. He was speaking at a fundraiser for Israel. 30 minutes later, we were pledging out largest “joint” free-will offering to date…

I really don’t care too much about a few extra grays… she says it’s a sign of wisdom.

I really don’t need to see the Teflon documentary… but I’m sure when we do watch it, I’ll find it interesting enough.

I certainly would have made a run for ice cream, it was however “the middle of the night”, with the sun going down by 7:00pm these days… I’ll make sure I make a run for it today and surprise her later.

We both felt the nudge to give that offering, even at a time when common sense said “not now”.

I felt these little “things” throughout the day were amusing enough to share, but went to bed thinking about how God gave me my perfect missing puzzle piece. This year has been pretty crazy so far, with another 2-1/2 months to go, but I know I wouldn’t want to do 2020 without her.
God’s timing is perfect and He knows EXACTLY what you need and because He reminded me of this last night, I went to bed in peace.

#Matthew626 #Sparrows

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