Easy to Please?

While having coffee with a buddy yesterday morning, a once “odd” but now pretty normal thing happened, the conversation turned “spiritual”. Life in 2020 certainly provides an open door to that path. As I mentioned something regarding “seeking to please God”, I was interrupted with another statement. “How about trying not to make God mad?”

We laughed, but as the conversation continued, I realized what opposite ends of the spectrum those two statements are. Surprisingly, I was the only one. This lead me to give this a little more thought.

I consider myself to be a pretty happy guy, meaning most of my day is not spent walking around angry or mad. At the same time, rarely, if ever have I been described as a “ball of Joy” (maybe that’s something I need to work on). So I can draw the conclusion that just because I am not mad, doesn’t necessarily mean I am happy or pleased.

If I ask my daughter to do the dishes while I’m out, she’ll do them at my request so I am not “mad” when I return. But what if I forget to ask and I come home and see the dishes done and the towels also folded and put away? I’d be one pleased Dad!

Can this same rational apply to us and our Heavenly father?

He told me not to murder people, like it’s actually a commandment. By me getting through the day without committing murder do I satisfy the “seeking to please God” requirement for the day? (extreme example, I know)

I want to please God, not just to not anger Him.

When I pray, when I read His word, when I attend church, when I encourage others, I accomplish both. When I pray, I start off asking God to incline His ear to me and look down on me and smile. Seeking to please God isn’t a box you can check and move on to the next item, it’s a lifestyle. It’s a constant discipline and a matter of the heart.

I think it’s a lot easier than we think – He’s a good, good Father!

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