Let’s start at the beginning, 42 years later

I have often found myself in a position where I feel unqualified. Whether it was receiving a promotion at work, accepting a position with a new company or even receiving accolades for something I’ve done, feeling unqualified is something that has followed me.

Many times, I am compared to my father, for his personality/humor, gentle heart, work ethic and even his ministry work. It’s a compliment that I love and although I see the many similarities myself, I don’t feel like I deserve that comparison. That man was an anchor!

I do not have a college degree, yet I have held several positions throughout my career where a degree was required. Due to my experience, work ethic and record of success, that “requirement” was overlooked.

In 2018, I went all in and at the age of 42, became a husband and father (of 4) all in one magical day. Wouldn’t you know it, at a time when I was making headway in my career and even advancing in ministry in my local Church…… SLAM, right into the wall. I’m staring at a whole new list to be “so not qualified” for!

A husband?  I knew a lot less about this then I thought.

A father? It’s really nothing like being the crazy uncle.

The spiritual leader of the home? It took 35 years for ME to get on track… and I have to work on it every single day!

The Provider? Ok, we can figure that out on an excel sheet, not too bad… then covid hits?

My wife and I decided just 8 months after we married that we were going to relocate from Long Island, New York to Wilmington, North Carolina. This has been a great decision for us! While we miss our family & friends, as well as a few other things, we are very happy we did this.

With this move, I can add quite a few additional items to the “so not qualified” list, but it is here that God is revealing His plan for us and the “call” He has on my life.

So not qualified, but His grace is sufficient.

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